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Multifamily Management Client Testimonials

We know great service starts at the top.  We also know it impacts the bottom line.  Providing over the top “Sterling Service” to our clients, residents and business associates isn't just a hopeful goal, it is a business strategy.   


Your highly effective staff and clear sighted approach to my property has generated over 98% occupancy, with gross revenue $1,000,000 greater than it was when you took over.

Jack Klein, Managing Member

After a national search, I chose Drucker + Falk to handle our real estate portfolio because of your superior people, experience, proven marketing and management systems and your reputation for client communication and support. We have reached our NOI, occupancy and resident relations goals faster because of you.

Justin Oliver, President & CEO
Oliver Properties

It is obvious Drucker + Falk’s team has the contacts to get commercial properties sold and closed. We have worked with other Brokers and you have been the best to deal with, producing the best results for us.

Kenny Bowen, Partner
University Suites

Since entrusting our multifamily portfolio to Drucker + Falk in 1999, we have found that the many well-known accolades, honors and certifications earned by the organization and its team are more than just token honors. Kip-Dell Homes has found that Drucker + Falk has the professionalism and skill that translates into excellent homes for our residents, responsible protection and maintenance of our property, and maximized return on our real estate investment. We recommend Drucker + Falk, without reservation, to anyone involved in ownership or residency in multifamily apartments.

Carl G. Young, President
Kip-Dell Homes, Inc.

Drucker + Falk is an invaluable resource to us throughout the entire spectrum of our multifamily activities. Whether we are acquiring an existing asset, or selecting a site for new development, you always deliver time-sensitive market information and guidance to assist our endeavors. Drucker + Falk creates a great deal of value in the design stages of development making certain we deliver new product that is both competitive and unique to the market. You truly design and deliver winning marketing and operating strategies that enable us to achieve or exceed our investment goals. Above all, you staff our properties with incredibly talented personnel that provide exceptional customer service to our residents and our Asset Management staff.

John E. Mason, Director, Property Acquisitions
Robinson Development Group, Inc, Norfolk, Virginia

Without Drucker + Falk’s extensive knowledge of the multifamily market, your industry experience in repositioning properties and working through difficult owner partnerships, and the professional resources you introduced that we subsequently used, my family and I would have lost well over a million dollar. You stepped in to help us, when no other firm would, doing what was right for the owners, the residents and the community. Thanks to Drucker + Falk, we have secured a multi-million dollar VHDA loan which will provide residents of Hampton an affordable, quality place to call home, and the investment my father, the late Rev. Lloyd G. Linton always intended.

Faith Linton, Principal
Chariots Crossing LLC

As an urban market multifamily developer, I couldn’t be more pleased and confident in the results the Drucker + Falk team continues to deliver. Our first major downtown project was fully leased ahead of budget and projections in under six months. Drucker + Falk’s expertise and professionalism was evident long before we broke ground, and they were instrumental in working with my design team to ensure delivery of the right product to the right audience. I am now launching several new multifamily projects, and I’ve hired Drucker + Falk to be involved in the development and management of every one of them.

Buddy Gadams, Owner
Marathon Development Group

We have been extremely pleased working with Drucker + Falk for the predevelopment and lease-up of The Franklin Apartments. Not only did they outpace the market to stabilization, but they increased income pushing the highest rents to the highest levels. Drucker + Falk hires and supports the best people. In our opinion, the onsite team has been a huge part of The Franklin’s success and we appreciate the partnership. 

Everett Daniels, VP of Construction
Dewitt Carolinas

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