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Drucker + Falk History

Associates long before World War I and before they ever dreamed of becoming business partners, a young Emanuel E. Falk assisted A. Louis Drucker in the Drucker family grocery store after school. Years later, in a small cinder block building in downtown Newport News where Mr. Drucker ran a successful insurance business, a now grown Emanuel Falk worked in real estate. At Falk’s urging, the two formed a Real Estate-Insurance partnership.

Each investing $100.00, Mr. Drucker and Mr. Falk experienced humble beginnings. With one typewriter and a part time associate who wrote insurance policies, kept the books, and served as secretary, the firm’s growing reputation for proactive stewardship and value enhancement of real estate assets resulted in significant growth. By 1970, and after searching for expansion opportunities, David Falk Sr. opened the Raleigh, North Carolina office as a hub for markets throughout the southeast United States.  Even with a property management portfolio reflecting exponential growth, the firm maintained a successful balance of traditional values and conservative business practices, and a forward-thinking emphasis on people, process and performance as a means of delivering optimal asset value to clients. Today, this time tested philosophy remains the hallmark of Drucker + Falk.

Drucker + Falk thrives under the leadership of third generation partners, Wendy Drucker, Kellie J. Falk and David Falk, Jr. The partners currently serve as Managing Directors, and in order to position the company for the newest wave of growth and expansion, in 2005 appointed Guy Buck, CFO, and in 2009, Jim Ledbetter, President and COO.

What started in 1938 as a small family business is today among one of the nation’s largest property management companies. Why? Because we never lost sight of the family character that embodies this firm, one rooted in integrity, sterling customer service and the delivery of optimal asset value to our clients.

To view Drucker + Falk's 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees: Click Here

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